Quotes "Dr. Stephen Berk's lectures are a treasure. They are the finest and most interesting and informative I have ever heard. His delivery is mesmerizing." Quotes
Dr. Dan Berkenblit

Quotes As a student of Dr. Berk at Union College, I recall that he stated at the first Holocaust lecture that he is an intelligent, well-educated man who still believes in his religion. I was being raised a Catholic, but I later discovered that my mother's mother had been Jewish but kept it secret. I now live in Australia with my husband Dan and three boys and I am living a Modern Orthodox life. My eldest son, Aaron, 15, is writing an essay about my journey to Judaism. He is including the impact that Dr. Berk's course on the Holocaust had on me back then. I am sure that Dr. Berk still provides a similar message in his course today. Quotes
Lori Meyers Springer
Union College, Class of 1985

Quotes I attended Dr. Berk?s Eastern European tour in June with my husband, his father and uncle. I then purchased Dr. Berk?s audio tapes and I am still able to enjoy his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Holocaust. Quotes
Laureen Kinast

Quotes Steve Berk's lectures, both to his classes and to many organizations and conferences nationally and internationally, are legendary for their eloquence and knowledge. Quotes
Roger Hull
Union College President

Quotes I have had 24 years of formal and a lifetime of non-formal education. This education has included attendance at P.S. 28, Townsend Harris High School, Theodore Roosevelt night school, Columbia College, three U.S. Navy Electronic Schools, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mount Sinai, Columbia-Presbyterian and Goldwater Memorial Hospitals. Steve Berk is the finest, most riveting lecturer I have ever heard. His lectures are a model of information, clarity and brilliant presentation. He makes history comes alive! Quotes
Dr. Arnold Ritterband - Chair, Website Committee